Christmas gifts from Portugal!

Today I was surprised that I received a box of gifts from Ricardo and Ana for Christmas! Hooray!

I really really love all of them, they are nice and sweet! :) Thank you so much!! Merry Christmas!

Okay, below are they.

The box which contains everything:

Porto wine!! We already tried one bottle! So sweet! I like it…

A Christmas card:

And a little “sheep” made by Ana with hands… so cute!

And also there is a cap for which I don’t take a picture. I think I can wear it now since it’s cold in Beijing these days. ;)

Hmmm, I can still clearly remember which Christmas gifts I got from Ana last year. It is already one year past since I left Portugal! Time goes sooooo fast! I miss all the friends that I met in Portugal! Good old days!

Next year, we plan to go to Portugal to attend a friend’s wedding which is scheduled in July. I wish I could meet all the friends at that time. Go back to Europe, go back to Portugal, go back to Coimbra!