A Programmer's Poem

From: http://edweissman.com/53640595
Author: Ed Weissman

My friends all think
that I’m a neb
Cause I spend much time
here on the web

The good things here
I do not abuse
Except lots of time
on hacker news

I don’t read reddit
I will not digg
I’m not on facebook
My work’s too big

I do not text
I do not tweet
I just work on
Things that are neat

I check email
throughout the day
But there are no games
that I will play

My phone’s on vibrate
I do not chat
My work is really
Where it’s at

Knuth and Turing
are my big heroes
I love to move
Ones and zeros

My head is down
I’m in the mode
Don’t bother me
I have to code

Those who need me
leave voicemail
I’m much too busy
trying not to fail

I learn on-line
and from my schools
But I must avoid
all sorts of trolls

I can’t believe
I wrote this ode
When I have so much
I have to code

I’m not an addict
I have no drug
I’ve got to go
To fix a bug