Learn English speaking

虽然Coly来西邮时曾建议我要好好练练英语口语,可惜我一直没有重视起来。经过这几天 ,总算才意识到英语口语的重要性。一是过几天可能要去参加Linux World China大会,估计英语是难免了,最起码见了Eugene Teo多多少少都要用到英语;二是以后要应聘外企估计电话面试是难免了,而且80%都得英语吧。



GongZi: Long time no see!
Me: No see too! How many MMs have you seen in holidays?
GongZi: Too many to count.
Me: OMG. Then have you broken into your BeiDa?
GongZi: Not yet, but I will get it in Jan of 2008.
GongZi: (seriously) I think Weiming Lake is as clear as in my dream.
Me: (shrug) not true now.
GongZi: Why?
Me: It is true iff when odd number days. You are forbidden to dream Weiming in even number days.
GongZi: (afraid) Why? Why? Why? Why?
Me: sigh, you are too out-of-date, how can you be a lawyer? Your ID number is odd, this is new rules for olympic, dont you know?